Manual and inspirational guide
for all those who want to foster a
social entrepreneurial climate

Discover how you can make entrepreneurship accessible in your district or city and how you can facilitate an inclusive ecosystem for starters. This book is a plea for a durable city with makers as local heroes.

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With cases from Europe

  • Makers of Barcelona Barcelona
  • EOI European Coworkings Madrid
  • CréaJeunes Paris
  • Union Viertel Dortmund
  • Braenworks Academy Rotterdam
  • Violencia Rotterdam
  • Berchem Creatives Antwerp
  • Broeilab Vilvoorde
  • Mest Mechelen
  • Supercombiné Aalst
... and many more.

Contributions from

  • Pascal Cools Flanders DC
  • Piet Colruyt Impact House
  • Sihame El Kaokabibi Let’s Go Urban
  • Bob Elsen Joker ViaVia
  • Elke Jeurissen Straffe Madammen
  • Harry Demey LDV United
  • Eva Curto Izquierdo EOI
  • Rizon Parein Us By Night
  • Toon Diependaele Mest
  • Erwin De Bruyn Stebo